Il Massaro and Norcia’s honey

“In the sweet contest of wood and valleys,
i would like you discover the bees and flowers magic
place, so we talk about herbs, spices, fruits and
Flavors and aromas
of ancient memory
jumping out of it
from a humble story
I, king of the bees
And some deep-sea honey
I am ready to guide you
In this adventure.”

Sale of bees

In addition to our products we also sell swarms of 6 frames including stocks,
broods, bees in excellent health and, for those who request it, health certificate. A mini training course is provided for beginners. Before the purchase is always given the possibility of viewing the hives. Who wants it can buy the product with or without door swarms.

Service of pollination

On request the company realizes, at the property of the customer, the service of pollination. In the request you must specify your location and the varieties of plants to pollinate. The service provides a preliminary visit to study the best method of intervention, for this reason it is good to book well in advance the service (1-2 months).

The cost of the service can be communicated only after the visit as it varies according to the type and extent of the area of culture. The amalgamation of cultures benefits the cost of the service itself.

Guided visit of the company, (students groups)

Among its services, the massaro also provides a guided tour of the farm with sessions of classroom and/ or tour in the production area. For educational purposes or for general knowledge it is possible to make a tour at the hives in order to deepen biologically also the structure of the bees and their relationship with the ecosystem.

The tour of the production area is possible only and exclusively in the months of harvesting of honey when there is processing, while the visit of the farm, with the possibility of tasting, is open all year round.

To offer an optimal service booking is appreciated, also for micro groups or individual visits.

Special treatment can be provided both for schools and for organized groups.