Face to face with the bee king

“I started live with bees when i was only a child, for this reason i falled in love with our mysterious world.

In this kingdom there are a myriad of rules dictated by nature itself that make the hive a fortress accessible only to a privileged few.

All the people believe that the bees are not friendly with humans, but it is enough to know some secrets to have a very good relationship with them.

With bees the saying: “calm is the virtue of the strong” is a must because when we approach them with the right mood (tranquility and without ever making abrupt movements with hands and body the bee becomes less aggressive.

The docility of the bees also depends on the color of the clothes worn, which must not be very dark, as well as the presence of strong artificial fragrances including the sour smell of our sweat.

These conditions are true only if we know how to combine them with a very important factor; the mood of the hive on that particular day.

The bees have a good mood if in the hive the hierarchical order is complete and the alimentary supplies are aboundant.

In this case we will hear a gloomy hum in our ear, but if in the hive even one of these conditions is missing, the spring of anxiety immediately springs up, which in our ear translates into a characteristic shrill noise.”

Thanks to a constant commitment in the management of the company and a delicate respect for the biology of the bee, Il Massaro, to date, manages about 1,000 hives for the production of: honey, propolis, royal jelly, pollen and for the provision of the various additional services (pollination and sale of swarms).