Where we are

We are in Norcia, under the “Patino” mountain, only 1500 meters from the Medieval centre of the city. Here, we produce honey and its derivatives since 1980.

In Norcia we’re known like “ The king of the bees” and thank to the new digital mediums we can send our products to a wider market, leaving unchanged the production chain.

Our honey is the same since 30 years, but today you can find it in other local products like: blown spelt and dried fruit or in the jams.

At the Norcia point of sale, only by reservation, you will have the opportunity to try sensory experiences thanks to guided tours of the company and the production area (only during the production period) with at the end the tasting of the various types of products treated. The most curious can also try the experience of direct contact with the bees adjacent to our company.

In the summer, the nomadism of the hives is carried out.

Starting from April (in some cases May if the season is rigid) we move the hives from Norcia to the surrounding areas (depending on the type of honey produced) because the various types of honeys are selected through the location of the most appropriate production area. Based on the prevalence of the botanical origin (the type of “flower” present in the area) it is determined the type of honey obtained.

For example, the hives located near a chestnut grove, will give rise to chestnut honey, much stronger than acacia honey or millefiori, as the bees will collect nectar directly from the chestnut trees in bloom, then processed it into honey.

For the same reason we leave the hives to the “Piangrande” of Castelluccio di Norcia, to give rise to “Multiflowers honey of Castelluccio di Norcia” and in other locations to produce the other types of honey.

The end of “nomadism” takes place, depending on the location, between September and October, period in which we bring all the hives to the base for the winter season.

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