Ivy honey


Our product of excellence and award-winning nationwide, is given to us by a beautiful and uncontaminated “bloom of Castelluccio di Norcia”, from which our bees take nectar making a multi-honeyfloral, recognizable from its color to the liquid emerald green and its taste very pungent and full-bodied that makes it unique.

The union between the work of the bee and my passion through the ancient technique of “nomadism” allows me to produce different varieties of honey, from the lighter ones “Orange, linden, acacia, lupinella and ailanto” best suited to sweeten the drinks thanks to their very delicate taste, to the darker ones “Chestnut, Thyme, eucalyptus, arbutus, honeydew, ivy and millefiori” suitable to match with the gastronomy, such as Chestnut honey with medium aged cheeses (caciotta, semi-matured pecorino cheese and fossa cheese).

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