Multiflower Honey of Castelluccio di Norcia


Country of origin: Italy

Keep in a cool and dry place and away from light.

Product packaged by:
Il Massaro società semplice agricola
Nucleo Fontevena, 85 – 06046 Norcia (PG) – Italy


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Honey of light amber color, very delicate smell, sweet and pleasant taste. The typical and particular honey of the Castelluccio plateau (1,450 meters above sea level within the Sibillini National Park) is collected by our bees on the rich blooms of spontaneous vegetation and the famous lentils. This happens in the short spring where the landscape is covered with a multicolored carpet to make it almost fairytale. These factors allow for a production of this particular honey of limited quantities, but of great value. This generates a beautiful combination: Millefiori di Castelluccio di Norcia equal genuineness and goodness. Quality recognized with the certificate “Great Honey of Italy”.